Monday, April 7, 2008


On 14 December Bulgarian pupils celebrated The Day of the Smile. Early morning before beginning of the classes children were told that that day would be special ... More: Smiles

“The nicest children with the warmest hearts “ Contest winners.
Smiles Song
The song is about smiles and how smiles can change people and help them to be nicer. Listen...

Bulgarian Vocal Group

Not all children in the world can smile. Unfortunately! A lot of them are hungry,sick,alone,without house , family, love....

Italian pupils 'd do something for them, so...... . Together with UNICEF they donated a smile for more unlucky children in the world. What did thay do?

  • They organized charity market where they sold dolls made by themselves, their sisters, mothers and grandmothers;
  • They also sold T-shirts beautifully painted by them;

As a result, they earned € 1814.00! With that money Unicef will carry food, medicines, schools, houses and so on, for children in Africa, Colombia ...wherever children cry... . Consequently, other children in the world will have a smile :) More...

For full version go to The Day of the Smile
More about The Day of the Smile in Kindergarten "Muzyczna Kraina", TheDay of the Smile, Part 2

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