Thursday, April 24, 2008

Keep smiling

It is a funny story about the stork which falls in love with ... . Have a guess!
What is your guess? If you are not sure, watch the video:)
A school play by pupils from Primary School No 5, Bielsk Podlaski, Poland;

Main Characters:

THE STORK IN LOVE, English version by Anna Tolwinska;

Spring: I’m the Spring
Woken by the sunrise
I’m afraid I overslept, as usual
I’m going to visit the people and the animals
Oh, I can hear some noise

It’s time to start my job –
Are the birds in love or not?
Are the plants and trees flowering?
To check the storks’ nests seems necessary
I am going to work hard
So it’s time for me to start

Stork: This is me – a Polish stork. I heard you were singing about me. I didn’t know I was the subject of songs. Do you want to get my autograph?

Spring: Are you the stork?

Stork: Don’t you see?

Spring: So why did I confuse you with a peacock?

Stork: It’s funny! You’re the Spring and you can’t see the difference between a stork and a peacock!

Spring: Of course I can! Storks don’t give autographs!

For full English version go to: The Stork in Love

What's the weather like in your country today? What is your favourite weather?

What do you usually do when it is rainy outside? Are you sed or bored? We are not!

Keep smiling:) Come and play with us.

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