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What Polish pupils say about their favourite animals:

People in Poland are very fond of animals. Most families have got a pet. Some people take their pets to shows. There are big internatlion shows. You can see thousands of cats or dogs there. There are also lots of local shows. Adults and children take their dogs, cats, birds, horses and hamsters to these shows. There are prizes for the best animals.

Horse riding is very popular in Poland. Children go to riding schools ,where they learn how to ride and how to look after horses .There are lots of horse shows with prizes for riding, jumping and other events.

Janów Podlaski

In Janów Podlaski there is famous all over the world stud farm.
The Janów Podlaski Stud was established in 1817. It is the oldest state owned and operated horse stud in Poland, is also one of the most beautiful.
Beginning in 1979, Janów Podlaski has been the host of the most important event for Polish Arabians - the Polish National Arabian Horse Show. Visitors from all over the world have been coming there evety year.
By hosting the National Championship Show in conjunction with the annual auction, global Arabian horse enthusiasts are afforded the opportunity to see Poland's most important events back-to-back, and to see the best produce of Polish Arabian horse breeding.
You can watch the beautiful horses and read more about them and the evens

Bialowieza National Park

Podlasie, where we live, has absolutely unique Białowieza National Park, the largest true primaval forest in Europe. It is famous as the only place where European bisons (żubr in Polish) survived. It is aslo the main place in Poland where lynxes still live. It is under UNESCO protection.

Wiktoria, 7, shows you the place:


Karol's hamster

Karol: My hamster`s name is Stiuart and he’s a male.
Hamsters don`t live very long. They only live for about two or three years old . I keep him in a cage in the the house, His cage is on a small desk in the hall. I can`t keep in my bedroom, because hamsters are nocturnal and they are very noisy at night .

Every month my mum takes me to the shop in town. It `s my favourite shop. There are lots of animals there. I buy food. My hamster eats vegetables, seed , fruit and drink water. Stiuart is fluffy, smooth and fast. It has got long whiskers , sharp claws. a very short tail, and very very sharp teeth. I feed it every two days. I put clean wather in to his cage every day. More...

It is said that human beings and cats have probably lived together for more than 10,000 years.
The house cat comes from the African Wildcat. Today there are dozens of different cat breeds.
Cats’ fur have a wide variety of colours, and their fur can be short or long with many patterns e.g. a spotted tabby pattern, tortoiseshell, calico.
Cat’s body is 12-20" long, and its tail is 0-15" long. More...


Dogs are very popular pets in Poland. Over 60 per cent of the households have got a dog. Children like playing with their dogs. More...

Dawid plays with the dog.

Some of us keep birds. The most popular are budgerigards, parrots, canaries, and nightingales . We look after them carefully. We give them seeds and clean water every day. We clean their cages every two or three days.

TV programmes about animals

There are lots of programmes abaut animals on televison. There are programmes about wild animals from all over the word and about pets, too. One of the most popular programme is Animals Planet. A lot of children watch it. There are lots of zoos in Poland. The are some National Parks, too. In these parks the animal aren`t in cages. They live in fileds and forests .People walk or ride round the park in their cars to watch the animals. More...

Animals in pictures, by pupils from Primary School No 5, Bielsk Podlaski, Poland

Children from Kindergarten like animals very much.
All children from Muzyczna Kraina love animals, the big and the small ones, cats, dogs, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, the native and the exotic ones; even from cartoons...
"We like dogs and cats the most. We are fond of horses, guinea pigs and fish", childred said. More...
Animals in pictures, by children from Polish Kindergarten

Song about Animals by pupils from Polish Kindergarten in Jastrzębie Zdroj; Listen...

What Bulgarian pupils say about their favourite animals

What do we like best? What makes us smile? We like animals a lot. Not only our pets but also wild animals. We like cartoon about animals, too. More...

Animals in pictures, by Bulgarian pupils

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