Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who we are

Our school is a primary school for boys and girls from the ages of seven to thirteen years.
There are 271 pupils and 27 teachers. Our school is not very big but we like it. More...
Welcome to our school - Primary School No 5 in Bielsk Podlaski, Poland

Welcome to Bulgarian School

Welcome to Bulgarian School; More...
and more: Somewhere in Europe - part 2



Find out more about our kinderdartens: http://www.etwinning.net/shared/app_uploads/twinspace/repository/18408/664-080312-070537.pps
Our kindergarten
Our kindergartens

Welcome to Italian school

This is our school.We go to school from Monday to Saturday(8,15 a.m.-13,15 a.m.).
We study: italian, english, mathematics, science, art, history, geography, music, physical education, religion, computer science. More ...

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